Bitmap fonts

Bitmap fonts consist of a matrix of dots or pixels representing the image of each glyph in each face and size.

This project is an obeisance to show were early-day display fonts started and to get a feeling how hard it can be to create a complete font family with only a few dots.

Our Awesome Font Collection

We love bitmap fonts. Create and doodle them on graph papers. Some of them come alive and deserve to be displayed as a fancy webfont. A pixel font can be easily created by everyone, but please respect the authors license. Thank you!


Your own


Pick up some graph paper and let your creativity flow. Start scribbling and get a feel for your font. You can also try online tools for bitmap fonts.



Since CSS2 we can use @fontface embedding technique. This is only possible with designated file formats like Embedded OpenType (EOT) and Web Open Font Format (WOFF).

Font Squirrel Transfonter


We love to see new font families. So let your precious typeface prosper and share it with us.

Send it

We <3 Fonts

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